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FOURTEENTH TALK           ^83

as nearly as one can get it. I took a certain amount
of trouble over all these qualifications and not only
had them looked up in all the principal dictionaries^
but got statements of the current belief of the living
Buddhist Church in the matter. I got the trans-
lation from the High Priest Sumangala, who was
the head of the Southern Buddhist Church, and
among all these words he himself gave me that
as the nearest English equivalent. Mrs. Besant
has translated Samadana as this intentness, as
balance. I think she would tell you that that is
not exactly a translation, but rather that that is the
idea which she associates with it. The man ac-
quires the balance by always keeping before him the
object of his Journey, of his development; and there-
fore he is not pushed aside, but preserves his balance
by means of this one-pointedness and intentness.

The last word is Shraddha, which is practically the
same word as faith, meaning confidence in the Master
and in oneself, in the Divine Spirit within one. We
shall take up those in detail as we go on, but I am
just giving you the literal translation of the Pali
words in order that you may see how the different
translations have been arrived at. It is obvious that
the Master here, in His presentation of the qualifica-
tions, has aimed all through at giving us the practical
meaning of the thing, rather than at adhering to the
literal translation of the word. You see the best
example of that is the one to which we shall come